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Spaces and exchanges: Is the American Dream real ?

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The last document I chose in answer to : Is the American Dream have real ? Is an extract of the episode 218 of the season 15 of South Park. This extract is name “The Last of the Meheecans”. In this extract we can see a group of children who are playing a game name “Texans vs Mexicans”. With this game we can think that the bad thinking of the society is brain washing the children and the fact that these children, so young are playing a game like that is very shocking, because it reveals a society who don’t want migrants, who just want a unique ethnicity and who are maybe some kind of racist. In fact we can thinking that American Dream in not so real for everyone in America.

To conclude, I think that the American Dream could have been real in the past. But now that Donald Trump is president of USA I think that some people prefer to suffer from the starvation rather than live and be treat like if you doesn’t exist or be payed like you are not even a human or something like that. I think that America were attractive for people when there were the wars on the 20th century, or it is still attractive for people who live in misery like Mexicans who are just next to the frontier, but I also think that racism is so strong and deep in the culture that the American Dream can’t be real because there are some racists who are to close minded to accept people for what there are. With all of that, we can finally do a link with the notion of places and forces of power and question us on the : Is the American Dream can’t be real because of some racists ?


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