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Spaces and exchanges: globalization

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Secondly, we coulld think that modernity with increased and easier mobility would change the face of human immigration, but it seems to make things worse in some aspects. On the one hand, exploitation still going on. Some take work they are overqualified for, because it still pays better than what is available at home. This has led to a brain drain from some developing countries. Not to mention the discrimination faced by migrants and the general injustice they face, there is a cultural gap, they need to integrate their new country but in reality they feel unprooted with their new life completely different that the former. We observed this phenomenon in two extracts of pears on a willow tree, by Leslie Pietrzyk, where at first, Rose is hopeful : America is a land of plenty. After two days, she sounds thrilled knowing that she will easily find a job and earn money. Three months later, Rose seems rather depressed. She tries to escape her harsh reality by dreaming about her former country... This is a good illsutration of the desillusion of the amican dream that people are obsessed with. Also, with the border policies, we see more restriction's in people mobility. Moreover, technological factors with the climate change and job scarcity due to high technologies leading to more competition in the working field, the prospects for the future are rather grim too.

To conclude, we could ask if globalization is a dividing force or a humanizing one. The solution seems to be: give a human face to globalization through education and by adressing the challenges of the future with a human approach. However, there are reasons to be optimistic, this is a world issue, not a national one and we are bbecoming aware of the necessity to face the future together, on a global scale.


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