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the name of the bell wasn’t choose yet.


-The Tower is 96 (ninety six) meters tall.

-They have to claim 335 (three hundred and thirty five) steps to reach the top of the Tower.

-The clock is compose of four dials and of the bell which is 13.5 (thirteen point five) tonnes heavy.

-The needle of minutes are 4.2 (four point two) meters long .

-The needle of hours are 2.7 (two point seven) meters long.

-The nombers are aproximatly sixty centimeters long.

-There is 312 (three hundred and twelve) part of glasses in every dials of the clock.

-The mechanism of the clock is five tonnes heavy and the hammer is 200 ( two hundred) kilo heavy.

-When the Parliament seat, a British Flag was hoisted and fleet above the clock.

-When the Parliament meets, the light which is illuminating dials is turn-on.

-The bell can be heard at 6 kilometers round around it.

-She rings every hours.


The BIG BEN is normaly only the name of the bell but the English people used it to talk about the whole Tower. Since 1859 (eighteen fifty-nine) it is the bell of the BIG BEN which at

midnight the 31 (thirty-first) December announce that it is the new year. In order to avoid the terrorist attack the Towe is closed to the foreign visitors.

The BIG BEN has become over time a symbole of London and of Ingland.

To conclued: I real like the BIG BEN, its design and the way it is build are really beautiful. It is sad that the foreign visitors can not visited but we can understand, why because it

would be very sad that this building will be destroyed.

This building is very important because of it political important of his cultural meaning and also because of it location and it is a symbole for the English people.

Thanks for listening !


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