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Legalize the organ trade

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to you. Some people talk about the moral, of the fact that we can’t sale an organ, because selling an organ means selling human parts, the human body. Unfortunately, the things are like that, a lot of people die in this conditions, others not. Yes, organ trade means selling body parts and receive money for doing it. People could think about this last alternative in order to save a life. They can think about it even if it’s “immoral” but is it moral to see humans dying because they are AB, or B, because the donation list is too big, because they don’t have the chance to live anymore... Some people can’t pay, it’s true, but others yes... And there’s always a solution, as to ask for money to a friend or someone which remains close to you. We don’t have to forget that it’s hard to ask for organs when someone dies, you don’t kow if it’s the right moment, which is never the right one, but you can’t think about the reaction. Death is a very painful experience for the family, and that’s why they often refuse : it can be the decision of the dead person, but also of the family, that’s why if you really want to give your organs after your death, you need to do a card, otherwise your family can say no to a posible donation even if you were okay. You need to talk about it, to say it, and prove you are decided to do it. Not all the organs are taken, it depends of your age, of your health... Not all your organs can be taken, that’s why i’t’s even harder to save all people’s lives... Chance forms a very important part, you have to be lucky.

II. Our second and last part is about the fact that the organ trade could help to stop violence. The illegal trafic means violence, because it’s don’t accepted. It’s like dealing. The ‘transplant tourists’, emerged in the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. They are exposed to many risks by doing this (HIV, infections, Hepatitis C...). The people that decide to donate one of their organs are also exposed to violence, to post-operative complications and mortalities. By legalizing the organ trade this violence could disappear. True doctors would include it in the normal medicinal system, they will secure this this kind of transplantation, and reduce violence and the risks of illness and complications. The organ trade needs to be legalized for many reasons, this one is also very important in terms of sanity, we have to think about other countries, continents, abour other people who sell they organs illegaly and taking risks..

To conclude this work, we need to remain the importance of medecine in our lives. Transplantation is very important because it offers the posibility to some people to stay alive, even if one of their organs is ill and can’t be heal by medication. The limits of the transplantation system needs to be remained : there’s no enough organs, it depends of your age, of the mortality rate, of the will of people... In my opinion the organ trade really needs to be legalized, the argument of the illegal trafic is also important, because some of them are exposed to violence but also to many risks as : illness and complications, and in some cases : death.


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