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33. Witnesses said the accident was the van driver’s fault

-> Witnesses blamed the accident for the van driver’s fault.

34. They’ve made luxury apartments out of the old hospital/

-> Luxury apartments have been made to be out of the old hospital.

35. Come and see me any time you like. (whenever)

-> Come and see me whenere you like.

36. I feel nervous before having an exam (butterflies)

-> I have butterlies in my stomach before having an exam.

37. Thanks for sending me those flowers. I’m so happy (day)

-> thanks for sending me those flower and make my day (ko biết nối sao T.T)

38. Choosing a suitable job is really important to adolescents.

-> It is of importance to adolescents in chossing a suitable job (lụi hết cỡ)

39. Hardly had he arrived when things went wrong.

-> Immediately ..............................

40. The teacher asks his students to learn this poem by heart (request)

-> the teacher requests his stydents to learn this poem by heart. (sao khác có 1 chữ nhỉ??)

41. It seems that Hien will fall asleep when she read this sentence.

Ngủ đâu mà ngủ má ._.

-> It appears that...

-> It looks like Hien...

-> It seems that Hien ...

-> It is likely that Hien ...

42. An is interested in drinking coffee. (cup of tea)

-> (mụn á) ê coffee vs tea liên quan j nhau hả hả

43. It’s raining heavily outside. (cats and dogs)

-> It’s rainging cats and dogs outside (c bày t hồi ms gặp nè)

44. A college education in America is very expensive. (an arm and a leg)

-> A college educatio in america is an arm and a led

45. You eat too much! .-.

-> Your stomach can’t take anymore food. (nói phát đói)

46. When I saw her taking the knife away, I was suspicious of her.

-> When I saw her taking the knife away, I smell a rat (thúi lắm =]] )

47. An bought this earphone with a very cheap price.

-> An bought this earphone for a bargain price. ???

48. An is different from the rest of the family.

-> An is the one who differs from the rest of the family.

49. “That’s a lovely new dress, Jean!”, said her mother

-> Jean’s mother complemented on her new dress.

50. She took a driving test and passed with very high score. (color)

-> She took a driving test and came up with flying colors.


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