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Banano: exactly the way we think too.


Long-term orientation

Lizbeth: We have learned so much about your cultures, I just want to add two more question to have a full interpretation of your countries; first can you tell me how you manage the present and future challenges, by this I mean what’s your way of maintaining links, AnaKaren would you explain this in Mexico…?

Banano: Sure, well for us Mexicans we prefer to maintain time-honored traditions like we respect our traditions so we truly stick to them, norms are also important, we tend to be kind of suspicious, so this makes us more of a Normative society; I won’t establish the absolute truth that easy, I look for quick results, the moment is now so there’s no reason I will worry that much about a long-term result

Jamal: May I take the word?

Lizbeth: Of course, be my guest…

Jamal: Well I’m impressed in the Netherland is way to different, for example we take a more pragmatic approach, I will encourage thrift and efforts because I think it’s crucial to prepare for the future, and for sure we respect our traditions but if the situations demands it we can adapt easily; As a manager I think perseverance is the Key to achieving results.


Lizbeth: And what about Indulgence and Restraint ? We know that countries ranked as indulgent orientated allow or encourage relatively free gratification of people's own drives and emotions, such as enjoying life and having fun.


Yeah and on the other side restraint stands for a society that suppresses gratification of needs and regulates it by mean of strict social norms.

Lizbeth: Is México considered a Restrained orientated country?

Banano: Not at all. Mexican culture is definitely oriented towards indulgence. In general, we possess an optimist and positive attitude. And for us it is very very important to consider leisure time, freedom of actions. If I’m not wrong, in Netherlands it is kind of similar, right Jamal?

Jamal: Yeah yeah, It similar in Netherlands, not as much as in Mexico, but we do consider ourselves an Indulgent oriented country. Also allowing people to act on their free will and considering liberty for people to spend their money as they please.

Lizbeth: Jamal Anakaren Thank you for being with us today and for sharing this value information that I ‘m sure it will be useful for all of us. Well this is everything for today; see you in the next BGlobal.


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