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surname, address and what type of training he wants to do). I also asked him if it is him who will finance the training or if it will come from an organization.

He then explained to me that he wanted to have an estimate to give to the person in charge of his file and that he wanted one for a single license and driving and another estimate for a driving authorization with a license .

But I did not know the prices and costs, so I asked him if he could give me an email address. I explained that the person making the estimate was absent that day, and it will be sent by email the next day. So I noted Mr X explanations, on a sheet of paper.

Mr X thanked me. Then I put the sheet on Miss Moreau’s Office.

What is at stake?

Problem(s) :

I could not inform Mister X on price, since I had just arrived in the company. I could not give him the estimate he wanted,

Solution(s) :

I took notes for the next day in order to let XXX create an estimate, without having to call back for more information.

Personal Assessment of the situation

I found it difficult to inform the customer about the training, because I do not know the trades. However, I managed to quickly adapt me. Again the manager had given me all the necessary documentation so that I can inform customers. Finally, it was a good experience because I leared are to speak in front of people and to become more confident. The working atmosphere was very friendly in the business.

I was a grateful experience I won’t forget it.


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