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Myth and Heroes : Global Warming – a risk for our World – Myth or reality?

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case, scenario it would end civilization as we know it. Increases in both the intensity and frequency of natural disasters, climate change, and global warming have become the main focus of International Governments.

Qualified scientists have demonstrated that one of the impacts of climate change is that extreme weather activities caused by global warming have now become more widespread in recent years and that human activity is extremely likely to be the primary driver of climate change.

Despite this scientific consensus, many people called global warming deniers disagree with this view specifically about the impact of human activity and the real impact of an increasing of Carbon Dioxide.

Then, Global Warning – Myth or reality? Why so many people prepared to jump on the denial camp?

One answer might be that politicians and people cannot face the possibility of a worldwide disaster – the predicted future is too dark. Another answer is that we love to contemplate catastrophe. As already mentioned there are innumerable books, movies, TV series showing a future where our society has been devastated by war, disease, environmental calamity or supernatural disaster. All these tales feature heroes. There is always an identifiable villain to combat- villain is the cause of the disaster or who has benefits from the situation. We are in a direct confrontation between good and evil.

In the climate change situation, we are in front of a different scenario. There is no identifiable and unique villain, just our own failure to recognize the situation. The quote from the American cartoonist Walt Kelly “We have met the enemy and he is us” illustrates very well the situation. We cannot combat the problem with individual, inspiring act of heroism. We need to adapt our daily lives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have to use less energy, switch to clean energy, favorize green transport and reduce our waste.

We need to change our behaviors in our way of living and adapt an environmental ethics. This challenge of our current live is not easy to be accepted but it doesn’t demand to repudiate our life style. It requires us to make some adjustments to our current behavior with some new compatible constraints.

In conclusion, is Global Warning a myth? Based on the definition my reply is ‘yes’ because we can’t say with complete certainty that climate change is or will be the cause of a disaster. The best we can do is to follow the advice of experts and require a precautionary approach in the decision-making. By acting with caution and applying an environmental ethics we will become all of us HEROES & HEROINES. Is this not what a myth is all about?


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