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Hy, Its Maskey✌🏾

How are you?... Yes, i wait your answer of my question. I am going to speak to you about the movie the labyrinth.

I heard and saw the name of the movie absolutely everywhere.

This is the reason why to do this video in particular by the positive comments.

So, let’s go..

It’s necessary to know that the labyrinth is a best-seller which was adapted in version movie.

It is a story of a teenager, Thomas, take to in the place called the clearing, a huge labyrinth with creatures. He hasn’t memory of what passed before. The clearing is inhabited by adolescent authors who tried to solve the riddle of the labyrinth during several years.

It’s a distopian movie.

For the people who don’t know. Say Siri...

In fact, during all the movie he(it) are in search of the happiness and the search any possible outcomes.

The concept of the labyrinth is relevant because it represents well the definition of the dystopia. There are action and many twist who captivate our attention and there are a very good direction.

It’s with him that we live and understand the story, he shows his courage, honor and honesty. The others characters show also their courage. There is diverse of origin but there is only woman... No comment. On the other hand the movie mentions a search for identity of the teenagers which is little developed it's a pity.

But i like this movie and finally they are dead... It’s a joke. See the movie and don’t forgot follow me!


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