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Obesity in the world. Causes, consequences, solutions.

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The consequences of obesity are not only esthetic problems. The impacts on the physical aspect are huge. Of course, we all know that they can cause serious health problems that can even lead to death. Obese people often suffer from high blood pression or hypertension and heart conditions. Obesity increases risks of cancers and diabetes as well. The daily life becomes complicated, it is more difficult to practice sport or simply to move around and articulations are overstrained because of overweight. However, physical problems are not the only side effect of obesity. Indeed, there are psychological and social effects as well. Unfortunately, these aspects are not widely mentioned and often underestimated. It has been proved that when you're obese you suffer from job discrimination; you have fewer chance to get a work and when you have a job, you usually get a lower salary. It is really a pity. Then the social pression put on obese people is really hard to handle, especially for children or teenagers. At school, they are often discriminated and even harassed because of their weight and consequently have fewer friends. Obese people suffer from social exclusion, stigmatization and psychological problems. Indeed, exclusion and misunderstanding feeling owing to the social and medical intolerance against obese people can lead to depression and low self-esteem, accentuated by the rejection of their body.

Thankfully, fighting against obesity is not a lost cause. The main and simpliest solution of course is to pay attention to what we eat, by buying vegetables rather than greassy food. Contrary to what we usually think, healthy food does not cost more than junk food. Studies have demonstrated that fast food is even more expensive and that it could cost about $500 more per year. However, the most important thing is to change people's habits so that they cook healthy food and exercise daily, especially in the USA. That is why today, we can see in the streets, on the internet or on TV, many campaigns to feed the children well (“Let's Move”, by Michelle Obama) and fight agains obesity. The politics have understood that the children are the solution to the problem. If children are more aware of obesity issues then they would know how to lead a healthy life, this critical problem would be solved. We must not underestimate the impact of the governments over advertising, prices, and food served to children in public schools. Many students have lunch in fast food restaurants rather than having lunch at school, and the schools' menus used to be balanced.

Measures have been taken to promote healthy eating in schools and persuade children to eat lunch in their school. Regular exercise and proper nutrition is the key to this problem. A diet is another solution, but it requires an unwavering determination. One can also have weight loss surgery but this extreme measure should be considered as exceptional and only in case of morbid obesity.


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