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Guns in the USA

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In America, nearly all families have firearms at home, and none afraid to show them, even if they do not use it, they feel safe in case of intrusion or other.

Some families dependent on these firearms will transmit to their passions to their children by buying them a firearms for their anniversary and this from their earliest age.

"How to stop a bad guy armed with a gun? With a good guy armed with a gun. "

One of the major arguments of the "pro-guns" is:

This is because there are not enough arms there is violence.

As summarized by one of the favorite slogans of the National Rifle Association, a powerful pro-gun lobby, "How to stop a bad guy armed with a gun? With a good guy armed with a gun. "

According to the proponents of firearms, if any individual was armed, there would be no killings.

Charles L. Cotton, member of the Board of the powerful NRA (5 million members) went so far as to question the pastor Clementa Pinckney, who died under the bullets of the killer, and his anti-gun speech .

"He voted against the concealed carrying of weapons. Eight members of his church could have been alive if he had expressly permitted to carry handguns during the service. People died because of his political positions, "said he said bluntly on an American discussion forum.

The "pro-guns" are based on controversial scientific studies, such as the bestseller published by John in 1998, Lott More Guns Less Crime (More guns, less crime), which claimed to prove more there were weapons in a zone, unless there were crimes.

NRA argues today that armed police carry out surveillance in schools.

Vice President of the Association, Wayne LaPierre, called to stop arms with arms.

Good for Business

In the land of the dollar, Gun is good for business. Before the defense of "freedom" fire gun lobby is primarily the defense of juicy interests. $ 8.5 billion in revenue per year and 10,000 jobs by some estimates.

The problem is not carrying weapons, but the prevention of mental illness

This is an argument regularly advanced by members of the NRA: improve the prevention of mental illness or suicidal behavior would more effectively prevent the killings by lone wolves, that control the sale of weapons. After the mass killings, speculation about the killer's mental health occur rapidly in the debate. An easy way to try to explain his actions.


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