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Dossier allemand BAC PRO sur le thème de Londres

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finish our evening we ate at « Honest Burger » restaurant, the burgers was excellent and composed of English cheese.

When we went back home we went through Picadilly Circus to see the place at night. It was full of people and there were a few street spectacles. It was a nice moment. This is a nice place at night.

Saturday, February 27th

The third day we visited the Camden district. It is an eccentric and artistic district.

There is a huge general store for the youth.

Camden Stables Market is set up in old victorian stables.

There are diverse shops selling decoration, antiquities, Gothic and technoides clothes.

We also visited the shop called « Cyberdog ».

We took again the Tube to Canary Wharf. It is a futuristic district with many skyscrapers. It is also the financial district with a lot of banks and traders. The city Hall, in my opinion is the most magnificient building in london. The offices of the mayor are set up in a glass globe. Unfortunatly the panoramic observatory was closed.

We followed the Thames and crossed the Tower Bridge to reach the Covent Garden Market. We could see « The Shard » from the bridge. Covent garden Market is a famous paved square inspired by Italian style which attracts many tourists.

We stopped to have lunch in a French restaurant named « Côte ». It is necessary to say that the English gastronomy does not correspond to our tastes. Joannie and I wanted to see the Tate Modern Museum built in an old power station of Bankside. The biggest celebrities of contemporary art are exposed in this museum.

Sunday, February 28th

We chose this day to buy the last souvenirs. We managed to close our suitcases that were full after our shopping.

There are so many things to see and to do in London every day. I keep a good memory of our journey. I really fell in love with this country and I think that one day I will live and work in London. I already had the chance to make some trips to London. It was not my first travel in this city. The first time I was really young but I liked it very much. This is the reason why I love learning English.


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