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To what extent is putting an economical value on our environmental resources a benefit for our future?

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despite the government commitment to estimate the annual price of England’s ecosystems so as to create a new market, It is often nearly impossible to put a price on nature as some ecosystems are of infinite value. It is also said that commodification of nature forestall democratic choice and the sale of nature represents another transfer of power to corporations and the very rich.

Moreover, economic growth, financial abstractions or corporate power are processes that are believed as being preliminaries to a world’s environmental crises.

In this sense, the earth could change in many ways, including original values of life. For example, the government has already begun describing land owners as the providers of ecosystem services, as if they has created the nature and the wildlife that inhabited them.

Another argument is that privatization of nature may be interesting financially but not ecologically. In fact, people believe that giving a price on nature makes no ecological sense.

Actually, natural resources constitute a crucial role in developing countries. As a matter of fact, India is playing a major role in achieving the objective of poverty reduction through rapid expansion of high-end knowledge-intensive services and manufacturing sector. Coal has been the critical backbone of India’s energy infrastructure and will continue to be the first source of energy in the near future as well even during transition to renewable sources of energy. Apart from coal, oil and gas sector also play a major role for enhancing the economy of the country as it is amongst the six core industries in India.

Last but not least, it is significant to understand the origin of nature as it commonly assumed that the world was made for men, so that they believe they can use anything on earth. For instance, humans use hemp for rigging, sheets for eating, cotton for they forget that nature does not exist for the benefit of men but the flora and the fauna exist for the benefit of each other.

To conclude, putting a price tag on nature is challenging. Some people don’t believe it can be done. Some people hate the idea of it. Most will have no idea what it means. However, they are people who believe that the protection of nature is harmful to people and economy and their voice has to be heard. On the other hand, another thing to remember is that an lack of control about nature as a capital could actually do much harm. That is why it is significant to remind ourself about the original values of nature.


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