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Homeschooling oral

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Final Task :

Hello, my name is annabelle I'm live in small Nevada's city and i'm going to present my testimony from my homeschooling, Today I want to address this and talk about the upsides and the downsides,

- The reasons why my family choosed this type of education and what impact it had on my life.

First of all I've been home schooled for like twelve years now, my parent's decided to do homeschooling with a gouverness, Gabriela. Secondly I suffered from tourette syndrome my parents are very protective with me and wanted to spare me from being buillied at shcool. They want to protect me from any form of bulling because other children could laugh at me. Also My mother, Kate finds it easy to educate me at home since she was a teacher in college.

- Wath's more I love being homeschooled and never regretted the decision my parents made. I could never imagine sitting behing a desk for so many hours.We have more fun because I could learn with fun games, for example my mother knew that I like drawing soshe made a maximum of drawings so that I learn better, she did a lots of activities adapt for me.

- On the one hand homeschooling had benefit for me because I had difficulties concentrating. My parents respected my biological rhythm and learning I had more time for cultural outings for instance I had the right to choose 2 days in the week to do that I loved going to museums and castels so I was able to do all that thanks to homeschooling. I had more time for sports, games and musical activities. Last but no least I didn't have no stress beacause of evaluations and homework, I had more time for dialogue and my parents were listening.

- As far as when I was young is concerned when I was young I thought homeshcooling was not good because you couldn't make friends and you could feel excluded because we weren't like the others I wanted to play hopscotch and marbles with my friends and not being alone at home studying. In most cases for me I thought the school system was made for me but in the end it didn't suit me.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

-As a conclusion with regard to my social relatios it is true that there had been an impact on making friends it was still a little more ccomplicated you had to do extra-curricular activities to be able to meet other people or had to be social networks because if we don't have the will to build friendships it's true that once homeschooled if we decide not to go out we no longer have friends. In brief I'm very much in favour of homeschooling and I thank for listening my podcats.


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