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The image of Russia and kraine in the French medias

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The main opinion is an anti-putinism but some politicians, or advisers support the Russian Federation regime and choices. The journalist clearly support the Ukrainians.

One independent Media from Lyon, 8eme étage, has published some articles about the current situation in the in war Ukraine. The characteristic of the Media is that it is only online and that the articles are not about news but pure investigation information. They published three different articles and podcast about Ukraine. One[9] in December 2016 explaining the new War Tourism Business which is in development in the Donetsk region. One information newspaper is mentioned in the article, Donipress. This agency describes itself has a “reinformation” newspapers, to go against the propaganda. The goal, to give an objective vision of the Donetsk life. For example, a Donipress publication[10] about a mobilisation movement of the population of the Dontbas to join the army. Supposed to be objective.

I also consulted articles on another independent newspaper, Mediapart, famous for highlighting numerous political, social and economic scandals in the French politics and business sphere. I chose an article[11] describing the frontiers between Ukraine and the Donbass with a lot of objectivity and then with more critical spirit the relations between the presidents, the notions that are used in that war time, the billionaires help the Ukrainian regime, etc.

To analyse all these articles it is obvious that the main related Medias are giving an opinion not really favourable to Putin. The line of this idea is more or less coming from NATO, which is trying to fight against the Russian Federation decisions. But the country is still considered as one decision centre of the International Relations. Thanks to the communication around Putin and the regime, even the supranational organization of the Humans Rights are not able to go against it. Some politicians, really near from the power, in France, don’t hide their support to Putin, like François Fillon (aristocrat right candidate) and Marine Le Pen. Some, like Jean-Luc Mélenchon (from the extreme left), says that the Russian empire is an important question but not as important as ecology, economy, etc, skipping to give his opinion about the Russian regime. In majority the others claim their opposition to the Russian decisions and the main Medias are following too. This is how the image of Russia is covered in France. The image of Ukraine is far from this strong critic. The French Medias, support the pro-Ukrainians belligerents but denounce for some of them the high level of nationalism and the not enough position of the Ukrainian government against the Russian one.



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