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Journey to Sydney

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We go to bed at 10 o'clock

Day 4: 23th December

Today we take a good breakfast because at the lunch there will be a sandwich. We climb today the Harbour Bridge.

Today we climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge with an expert guide for the ultimate

Sydney experience. Amazing views and we learn all about the iconic structure during

your climb to the 134 meter summit. Ascending this famous landmark gives you a

spectacular perspective on Sydney. It was super !

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We return to the hotel at 3pm then we go to Hilton Sydney's spa.

We take our dinner to the hotel and we go quickly to the opera of Sydney.

Inaugurated in 1973, the Sydney Opera House is a great architectural work of the 20th

Century. That is a great urban sculpture set in a remarkable waterscape. The Sydney

Opera House comprises three groups of interlocking vaulted

‘shells’ which roof two main performance halls and a restaurant.

In 1957, when the project of the Sydney Opera

House was awarded by an international jury to Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

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We go to bed at half past eleven.

Day5: 24th December; Noël !

We go to the town-center to buy memories, gifts... There is an end to all good things ! Tomorrow we return to France !

We lunch to the Est. Australian specialty: L 1 252 George St, Sydney.

[pic 11]

We return to Hilton Sydney then we go to the beach during 3 hours.

We make ours bag then we go to the Noël mass in St Mary Cathedral at 7pm.

[pic 12]

Then we go to have dinner in Black by ezard: Harbourside, The Star Level G/, 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009, Australia. The specialty is barbecue.

Day 5: 25th December

[pic 13]

Today we return in France.

The plane leave Sydney the 25th December at 10am and arrive the 26th December at 00 o'clock.


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