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The trade union M.U.I.S explains that market garden producers have a bad situation and announce several protest marchs on South Islands. Indeed, producers from areas see their incomes decline due to higher operating costs. The financial situation of producers is very difficult. Theses problems lead a market garden producer to commit suicide, the aids being suspended. Negociations with authority don't bring improvement.

Market garden producers regret the decline of farm gate prices, pricing policy of large retailers. They call to others producers and fishermans to protest, blocking ports, roads and distribution centers with a good state of mind, violence is not admitted during demonstrations. They apologize for inconvenience to consumers and the union are calling consumers to solidarity.

The second document is also a press release dated of the same day than the first document and it was published thirty minutes after the union M.U.I.S. The UEDS, Union of companies and trades from South Islands, regret the strike organized by the M.U.I.S because it penalize employees and consumers, demonstrations damaging trade and circulation.

Because of bad proceedings of previous protest marchs with many damages, during which demonstrators and policemans were injured and boss confined, UEDS is worried about demonstrations and its proceedings. The union understands claim's market garden producers and explains to trying find solutions for satisfy everybody. UEDS explains too that the large retailers is also in difficult situation. The union wants time to take decisions and they are calling the union MUIS to conciliate the situation and discuss to find better solutions.

The documents oppose two points of view and this two are understandables. On one hand, autorities are usually long to apply adapted solutions and its interests varies depending on the period and investments. The union MUIS wants to mark the occasion of their situation. The market garden producer's suicide brought bad sensations and the situation deteriorate.

From another side, a demonstration penalize many peoples even these who are not responsible by the situation. There will have many problems if demonstrators want to block the circulation.

For an union like UEDS ; it's complicated to take quickly decisions because many interests are at stake and decisions require many times.

In conclusion, I think demonstration are not really a good answer to the authorities, at least it's not necessary to paralyse activities from South Islands. Of course, this situation is not any more acceptable but it's probably more constructive to discuss and find solutions with competent authorities.

Partie 3 – Restitution écrite en anglais (213 mots)

The dialogue is an interview on the radio program « The work place today » with Alice Wonder the guest, and John, the presenter. This interview takes place on saturday morning. The presenter has received many questions because he announced last week the presence of Alice Wonder for this day. Firstly, he invited Alice to introduce her. Alice Wonder is the manager of Assistance program (EAP) in Washington D.C. She works for thirty years on EAP. This program is an aid for workers in distress. Stressed employees affect activities and productivity in companies. John asked to Alice more details concerning problems's employees. Alice Wonder speaks to alcohol, drugs addiction, smocking, family problems, divorce..

Companies don't have the time to personally take care of their employees. So, EAP was created.

If a person wants help from EAP, Alice explains that the individual have not problems with its employer, it's private and confidential.

The program is free for employees and their families.

Alice Wonder explains how EAP helps employees, they are available 7/7 days and 24/24 hours and the have a hotline. People can also visit the website.

Alice wonder thanks John for the invitation and the presenter John finished to speak and announced the guest for the next week, there will be a doctor.


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