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Résumé d'une série Netflix

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Subject chosen: Young Royals

Young Royals is a Netflix series talking about a story of love between two teenagers, but their love seems impossible because of their social statue and a dramatic event…

This Swedish series has broadcasted since 1st July 2021 on Netflix and was made by Lisa Ambjorn. It’s composed in two seasons and 12 episodes.

The story started with the prince Wilhelm, the crown prince’s brother. Following a quarrel filmed in a nightclub, he is sent by his family in the prestigious institute Hillerska, a luxury boarding school where children from the richest families in the country study. He welcomed by his cousin August; a third-year student obsessed with appearances. Then, Wilhelm has met Simon, a scholarship student who studies in the same institute. They will get closer, and the prince will wonder about the kind of life he really wants to lead. That’s when a tragedy happened. The crown prince was driving when the car crashed. So, Wilhelm became the new crown prince. That’s where everything changed. Simon and Wilhelm were dating in secret but one day, while they were in bed, August filmed them and posted the video on internet! The queen absolutely wanted to protect the royal family decided her son would lie by saying it’s not him on the pornographic video. After that, Simon felt betrayed and stop their relationship. During this time, no one knew who had posted the video… except the queen. But not long after, Felice, a friend of Wilhelm who is in love with him, discovered who it was. Yet, Wilhelm couldn’t reveal it to Simon.

Winter passed, and the two lovers has seen each other again at school. Moreover, this year, it’s the 120th time Hillerska has celebrated its birthday. At the end of the series (there will be another season) Wilhelm has done a speech in front of the cameras and the whole school that yes, it was him on the video with Simon. To be continued…


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