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Discrimination in USA

In time, the topic speaks of discrimination. Discrimination is when blacks don’t have the same power, equally. Treated they left for other countries because they wanted a good life. The blacks worked in the cotton fields. We notice that in the USA there was discrimination. Blacks and whites were separate blacks couldn’t use the same toilets, restaurants, schools as whites. They felt upset, sadness, anger. As a consequence of this separation, people blacks were treated like animals. The racial laws were there written and in the framework of this topic.

The second document shield was a text. It dealt with three in 1968 the blacks put the champions Olympics first up it symbolizes their pride, joy happiness winning the Olympic Games.

We also worked on a third document which was composed of three elements. There were two pictures and a text. We could see five men, two black people who represent the Olympic. They put their first up to show their victory but also they had the head bowed as gesture of protest. The second picture was on the American president Barack Obama. There is first American black president.

Whereas in the third element it was a text which spoke of Martin Luther King a black pastor. Who fought against segregation. He was born in 1929 and died in 1968. He took much risk to get blacks out of segregation. Martin Luther King was a pacifist movement organized sit-ins to protest against discrimination and freedom marches sometimes. Martin Luther King is famous with his speech “I have a dream”

As a conclusion I think that, I couldn’t live at this time, because it is awful, unfair, ashamed, I feel sad, angry… Fortunately that all that was abolished.

Immigration in the USA

Al most all people leaving in the USA are descendants of immigrants, except red Indians who are Native Americans. We know that the majority between 1900 and 1920 came from Europe (Russia, Poland, Italy, Greece) and Asia. Because they wanted to live better live, therefore they sold everything they had to buy their ship ticket in order to leave their country, to escape poverty, wars, anti-Semitism, over population…

Until 1920 newcomers arrived by Ellis Island. Because a strict medical test all of them couldn’t immigrants. As they suffered from serious diseases, they were sent back home. After that Ellis Island closed. Never the less immigrants can trace their ancestral in the museums, libraries, as they were listed.

Another, flood of immigrants arrived in the 1980s nearly six million who entered plane, foot; cars among them were legal immigrants and undocumented who paid coyote to cross the Mexican border, took risks to get to American. These new immigrants came from Asia, Latin American and Africa.

As a conclusion, I think that the immigrant is courageous because the journey and hard.


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