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Companies (anglais)

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same name – that is “Googlers” - reminds them that they belong to the same family, in which everyone can have their say. The perks / bonuses /(benefits in terms of money: incentives) of working at Google range from free food to entertainment facilities and time off for charity work. Google would rather focus on / prefer being turned towards / would rather thrive on team work and its staffers’ well-being. Employees do not have to wear suits: “People are encouraged to reflect their individuality.” Thus, this company’s culture can be qualified as person-oriented.

Most companies aim to create a strong corporate culture to keep their most hard-working employees. Enter’taining /ˌɛntəˈteɪnɪŋ/ one’s employees as well as celebrating events can also help people col’laborate /kəˈlæbəˌreɪt/ and keep them motivated. Moreover, (/ Furthermore, / In addition, / On top of that,) this casual (/ relaxing) atmosphere has made the nonconformist firm world-renowned /rɪ ˈnaʊnd/.

B. Retail strategies

1. Company problems :

Some companies / firms faced internal problems such as poor management / mismanagement, faulty products, or an ill-adapted marketing strategy. These companies / firms must react. If their overheads are too high, they can ’streamline, restructure, close the unprofitable sectors or relocate. Restructuring / restructuration often means drastic cuts in the workforce. To avoid social unrest, companies try to encourage early retirements by offering in’centives to the employees willing to retire. They can stop hiring, or make some of their emplo’yees redundant. An even less popular measure is to relocate or outsource production to countries with cheap labour costs. Companies can choose to re’train their staff, to increase the Research and Development (R&D) de’partment, and to update their tools and equipments. Companies can merge or develop a franchising system, (/ˈfræn.tʃaɪz/ a right to sell a company’s products in a particular area using the company’s name) try to tap new markets or refocus on their core market. Marks & Spencer, the great British re’tailer, decided to leave France in 2001. Although the French outlets were ’profitable, M&S was losing market share at home and felt refocusing on its home market was an emergency.

2. Keeping loyal customers :

What matters is to make customers feel special. Retailers can also cut costs and offer loyalty cards. (/ store cards). Retailers can offer discount sales. They also have the possibility to send thank-you notes to their most loyal customers. What matters is to make customers feel special, by remembering their birthdays, for instance, or inviting them to private sales. Greet every person, offer your expert advice, let shoppers know that you are available if they need help, provide services beyond customers’ expectations, thank the customers as they leave the shop, reward every customer. We can send personalised mailing, invite them to special instore events as VIP shoppers, ask about their families or events in their lives.


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