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° Bank credit negociation for 2008 plant extension project

° agreement done with Morocco state for specific 600k€ subsidy for the plant extension.

° process improvements for purchasing, as well as accounting and administratives parts.

° implementation of fixed asset inventory and follow up.

° improvement of external contracts done with customers and suppliers in line with corporate standard policies.


Total turnover including intercompany sales 2005/2014: € 15/25.3 M (+69%).

Morocco sales 2005/ 2014 12.1 M€/ 9.4 M€( +28.7%), Maghreb sales 388 K€ / 285 K€(-26 %), West Africa sales 2011/2014 : k€ 854/ 1385 k€. (+62%)


Sanitary ware manufacturer,

a KOHLER CO / EL ALAMI co-ownership, 400 associates

Sales and Marketing Director for Morocco & North AfricaCasablanca, Morocco

Mission (2000-2005): I moved to Jacob Delafon’s subsidiary in Morocco to lead commercial action and increase sales by implementing an operational marketing approach, improving the impact of product launches and developing the brand image. I managed a team of 18 people.

Results: Morocco turnover 1999/2005: € 6.4/9.2 M (+44% in 6 years).

Maghreb turnover 1999/2005: € 120/440 K (+267% in 6 years).


Bathroom furniture manufacturer,

a KOHLER CO company, 230 associates

Marketing Director for France & BeneluxJura, France

Mission (1995-1999): When I arrived at Sanijura this subsidiary of Kohler Co was facing difficulties. My goal was to rejuvenate the product offer and deploy operational marketing to boost the turnover. I led marketing, R&D, design and sales administration teams and managed 26 people.

Results: Turnower (down from 1993): +14% per year from 1997.

The company, a loss-making business since 1995, became profitable in 1999.

Innovation Award by the Batimat construction exhibition in Paris in 1997.

JACOB DELAFON ESPAÑASanitary ware manufacturer, #2 in Spain,

a KOHLER CO company, 185 associates

Marketing Director for Spain & Portugal

Madrid, Spain

Mission (1991-1995): I joined this company as part of a newly created position. I defined the marketing strategy for the Spanish market and managed the communication budget. In 1994, I was promoted as Marketing Director for Spain and Portugal and in 1995 as Sales Manager for Portugal.

Results: Turnover +14% per year from 1992. The company became profitable.


MBA of International Management 1990 Thunderbird School of Global Management, Phoenix, Arizona.Master’s Degree in Business 1988 -INSEEC Business School in Bordeaux, France Summer session at the University of Berkeley.

Leadership Development Program 2007 Kohler Co, Wisconsin.

REFERENCES Available upon request bernosi ? guigues? Morgando? Razmon Fernandez ?


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