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  • "Spaces and exchanges" - BAC anglais.

    "Spaces and exchanges" - BAC anglais.

    because for them, America is an open society where everybody is on an equal footing. For them, overnight, they can climb the social ladder and become rich even if at the begining they were poor. For them, United Stated is a country without social barrier. They think they can start

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  • 4P anglais

    4P anglais

    -The shape also refers to ergonomy The brand image : it is reflected with the quality of the marerials. It has to respect the brand’s ethical values The instructions, legal mentions, composition : they are sometimes useful (utile) To target precise customers. For example : organic food, eco-friendly products,

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  • A propos de Noce, Jean Vigo

    A propos de Noce, Jean Vigo

    During his presentation at the Vieux Colombier in Paris, the film was welcomed under boos and whistles while some, soon to be part of the future "clan Vigo", exclaimed their enthusiasm modestly. On the other side of the Atlantic, we have Charles Sheeler and Paul Strand who represent a

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  • A red scarf

    A red scarf

    A week later, after dinner, we were watching TV in the living room as usual. Suddenly, my mother stared at me seriously, which would puzzle me a lot. I felt a little scared. Possibly, it did not mean that my parent had got my bad result score mark Unexpectedly,

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  • A Tale of the Times

    A Tale of the Times

    As I have been stating for a certain time now, all of the plot points I have exposed above affect the way that we may interpret the story, but they are also intrinsically linked to the socio-historic setting of their writing. In the case of Delarue, his tale is

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  • ADM7014 TN1

    ADM7014 TN1

    Question 1 : 1.1 Liste de biens appartenant au patrimoine familial, les acquêts et les biens propres : Patrimoine familial Les acquêts Les biens propres ● La résidence familiale ● Les meubles (dans notre cas, les meubles sont acquis avant le mariage par Mr et il a fait un don

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  • Adress Unknow livre de Kressman Taylor

    Adress Unknow livre de Kressman Taylor

    The letter correspondants to Martin's about face, it'sa real turning point in their relationship. Max is of course taken aback and puzzled at his friend's writing. He cannot believe that his true friends should speak about the massacres of jews as an « incident » and still hoper that

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    The 10 most shameless product placements in movie history The filmmaker Steven Spielberg released his movie E.T in 1982. The product placement in this movie is about a boy who throws reese’s pieces on the floor to attract E.T. Thanks to the little creature who have been plastered on

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  • Aide anglais document, les temps

    Aide anglais document, les temps

    sont parties il y a 2 heures : they left 2 hours ago. N° 5/ RECIT: Lorsque l’on raconte quelque chose on emploie le prétérit tout le long du récit. Ex : Nous sommes partis en Australie en janvier. Là -bas, c’était l’été. Il faisait très chaud. Nous avons néanmoins

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  • Alice's Adventure In Wonderland

    Alice's Adventure In Wonderland

    Apparently, adults need rules to live. But most people adhere to these rules blindly now, without asking "why." This leads to incomprehensible behavior and sometimes arbitrary experiences as Alice in Wonderland. When entering Wonderland, Alice meets a lifestyle and reasoning is quite different from his. The tests that appear

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  • Analyse de "Ice Palace"

    SC ‘s , a Southern Belle. V. The structure of the short story Since SC’s journey produces confirmation rather than transformation the structure is circular. It is a six –part narrative. Chapter1 2 and 6 take place in Tarleton , Georgia during spring and summer ch 3 takes place

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  • Analyse interne, Comcom, linguines Gerblé

    Analyse interne, Comcom, linguines Gerblé

    le message de communication puisque l’intégrité de celui-ci est respectée par les médias. I. Les actions médias A. La télévision Justifications à écrire La télévision nous permettrait de toucher un maximum de personne (notamment les + vieux → augemtation du temps passé devant la télé chez les plus de 70ans) ;

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  • Analyse of "a day in the life"

    Analyse of "a day in the life"

    Dans le troisième couplet, Lennon évoque son expérience récente comme acteur dans le film de Richard Lester How I Won the War en y faisant un petit clin d'œil avec la phrase « I saw a film today oh boy, the English army had just won the war »

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  • Analyse Stage Coach film en anglais (niveau Lv1)

    Analyse Stage Coach film en anglais (niveau Lv1)

    land. Its also a classic western by its grandiose setting, its history and the typical characters it stages, The Stagecoach allows Ford to develop his favorite theme, that of "the small group of humans introduced by chance under circumstances tragic or dramatic ". And we can see the evolution of

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  • Analysis : Alice, Avril Lavigne

    Analysis : Alice, Avril Lavigne

    With this end in view, finding her way will certainly help her to grow u, it is the way to maturity, it is a kind of initiatory journey through wich she will learn to be an adult. Therefore, the motto of the story could be « Don't fear what's

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