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English test about poverty.

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Burundi is making the transition from a post-conflict to a stable and growing economy. They have made significant improvements to consolidate peace and security. But unfortunately the country is still a bit unsecure.

I’m going to compare Burundi, that’s a developing country with Germany, that’s a largely developed country. ??DO YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A DEVELOPED COUNTRY AND A DEVELOPING COUNTRY?? So in a few words I’m going to explain the difference. Countries are divided into two major categories, which are developed countries and developing countries. The classification of countries as a developed one or a developing one is based on the economic status like GDP, GNP, per capita income, industrialization, standard of living, etc. Developed Countries is a country which provides free, healthy and secured atmosphere to live but the countries which lack the same is known as Developing Countries.

Let’s start the comparison. We have already talked about Burundi so now I’m going to talk about Germany. Germany is the most populous state of the European Union. The German economy is the world’s most desired model. The unemployment rate is impressively low and particulary among the youth. That’s clearly the opposite in Burundi where there is a high unemployment rate. It’s Europe’s industrial powerhouse, whose economy has single-handedly stopped the Eurozone falling back into recession and the only nation rich enough to save the euro. There is a very low inflation and a balanced budget. The educational system is in Germany different than the others. Students aged of 15 to 16 spend more time in the workplace receiving on-the-job training than they do in school, and after three to four years are almost guaranteed a full-time job. The German educational system provides highly skilled workers. The literacy rate is very high whereas the it’s really low in Burundi. The standard of living is high in Germany. The life expectancy is 81 years. That’s 26 years more than in Burundi! 16 percent of the population is under the poverty line.

In conclusion we can say that there is a big difference between developed countries and developing countries.

So we have just finished our presentation. We hope that everything was clear and we thank you for your understanding!


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