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English test.

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(a) Travel

(b) Business

(c) Technology

(d) History

Answer: ( )

3. Which of the following sentences DOES NOT refer to the fact that English is an international language?

(a) “English is the language of brutal facts – but it’s also the language of dreams.”

(b) “Wherever you go in the world these days, you can’t leave English behind.”

(c) “CNN and Microsoft, IBM and Disney have given the language a worldwide heft.”

(d) “More than 70 countries now give English some kind of special or official status.”

Answer: ( )


4. Which of the following sentences is TRUE?

(a) English is about to become the only language in use in the world.

(b) There are approximately 6,000 different languages in the world.

(c) English is so popular because just about everyone speaks it.

(d) The cost of using English everywhere in the world is enormous.

Answer: ( )

5. Which of the following is a concern for those who study the impact of English as a global language?

(a) Everyone will soon have to learn English from birth.

(b) The whole world will be Americanized.

(c) Some people cannot learn a second language.

(d) The disappearance of other languages would be a loss.

Answer: ( )

6. Why is it so important to keep many languages alive rather than just use one common language?

(a) Language teachers would not have jobs.

(b) Languages are necessary for communication.

(c) Languages reflect the diversity in people.

(d) It is very convenient.

Answer: ( )


7. There are some advantages to having only one common language. Which of the following is NOT one of them?

(a) Convenience

(b) Reduced costs

(c) Better understanding among people

(d) Efficiency and usefulness

Answer: ( )

8. According to the article, what is the main reason people fight?

(a) Ethnic differences

(b) Intellectual differences

(c) Linguistic differences

(d) Religious differences

Answer: ( )

9. Which of the following sentences is FALSE?

(a) The author believes the globalization of English has some negative effects.

(b) The fact that there are many languages used in Switzerland has led to hatred among its people.

(c) Linguistic uniformity does not guarantee peace.

(d) Linguistic uniformity would be a great intellectual disaster.

Answer: ( )

10. What is the author’s conclusion?

(a) Native speakers of English are luckier than speakers of other languages.

(b) Everyone should learn English.

(c) WSSE will soon become the only language everyone will speak.

(d) Linguistic uniformity will bring peace to the world.

Answer: ( )


First Draft - An Argumentative Essay

( words)


Revision Checklist

Before writing the final draft of your essay, complete the following checklist to help you edit out as many errors as possible.

Checklist Items

Yes (✓)

I. Basic requirements for the activity

- I included the required information.

- I used the vocabulary and grammar notions required.

- I checked the length of my text and adjusted it.

II. Structure and cohesion of the text

- My writing is focused and clear.

- I used appropriate and precise vocabulary.

- I deleted details that do not relate to the topic.

- I added details to make the writing clearer.

- I organized the text logically (cause/effect, chronologically, etc.).

- I used effective transitions to connect related ideas.

III. Language editing (conventions)

- I used complete sentences.

- I used correct verb tenses.


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