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"The new mural of the Battle of the Somme" in Belfast

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* The artist symbolizes the Germans and more generally the triple alliance by the spiked helmets, enemies to the Entente, represented by the opposite group of armed men. *The tower represents the Ulster Tower in Thiepval, a memorial takes place the location where the Ulster men fought and found the death. This memorial is a copy of a tower in Clandeboye Park in Belfast, where the Ulster Division trained in war. It was built to commemorate soldiers of the Ulster battalions who fought here in particular on 1 July 1916. *The piece of paper *inscribed some of the 73 000 (Seventy-three thousand) missing Irish soldiers from the memorial of Thiepval. *This frame is a British Propaganda Poster of the First World War. *The message is used as a means of persuading young men to enlist for military service in 1914. Lord Kitchener, a British Field Marshal, was at the root of this call, developed into a recruitment poster by Alfred Leete. The image and its influential slogan are considered one of the most iconic and enduring images of World War I. *Last, the quote from Captain Wilfred Spencer show a pride for Ulstermen who fighting tirelessly. Finally, considerable number of poppies means the extensions of the Irish soldiers death during their bravery to fight the 1st World War

The painter aim’s is to create a shared and better harmony for everyone in Northern Ireland in the future. These initiatives promoted by the community will probably allow everyone to recognize their common history in this combat union. Artist prefers emphasizing on consequences of the shooting but more on the different reminders meaning that they were able to be united and are able to become it again. An optimistic future is implicit behind the author's intention.

This photo reminds me of a conflict period who left traces by his difficult past but going towards reconciliation by implicit works of commemoration.

*RHC: Small terrorist group that is linked to UVF

*headquarters: military quarter

«Je ne suis pas un homme d'Ulster, mais hier, le 1er juillet, alors que je suivais leur incroyable attaque, j'avais l'impression d'être plutôt un homme d'Ulster que toute autre chose dans le monde. Ma plume ne peut pas décrire correctement les centaines d'actes héroïques que j'ai vus ... L'Ulster Volunteer Force, qui est devenue la division, a gagné un nom comme aucun autre dans l'histoire."


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