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Airbus in china

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it is the only site of this Airbus assembly outside Europe.

However, the connecting elements are from different factories of the group , including

that of Hamburg in Germany, Nantes & St Nazaire , in France.

1 Joint Venture : Une coentreprise, également appelée entreprise commune, entreprise en participation ou joint venture, est un accord passé entre plusieurs entreprises qui acceptent de poursuivre ensemble un but précis pour une durée limitée.

2 Entreprise dont le capital est contrôlé par une société mère

 As the name suggests, it does not produce the elements of the aircraft, but assembles

them to deliver A319 and A320.

For its first year of production , the joint venture has produced 11 devices A32 , 26

aircraft in 2010 , and today tends to over 50 aircraft per year is almost an appliance


 Located 150 kilometers from Beijing, FALC has 500 employees nearly half of staff of

Airbus and its various joint ventures in China and eight client companies , all Chinese

, including China Eastern & China Southern Airlines and low- cost companies

operating in China such as Shenzen Airlines and Spring Airlines

Stratégie d’implantation

To conquer the Chinese market, Airbus has opted to outsource its production, a prerequisite

following the signing of the contract, in October 2006, which created the joint venture FALC

symbolized by the first chinese minister visit, Wen Jiabao, in Toulouse, France .

The Tianjin plant is intended to supply the Chinese market and not to replace the Airbus

European sites such as Hamburg or Toulouse.

The first Airbus A320 assembled in China had its debut in May 2009, and was a shared

success since a Chinese engineer trained by Airbus was part of the crew. It is the joint venture

that operates the production line owned by EADS 3subsidiary, to 51%.

Furthermore, strong demand for domestic flights in Chinese territory, particularly in the east

of the country - Beijing, Shanghai - seems to be the real reason for the launch of a new short

and medium aircraft Airbus travel development program because it allows meet the needs of a

country with an area of 9,596,961km²4 , and the 500 km to 3000 km distance can be travelled.

Furthermore, producing in China, Airbus grants an additional argument supporting this

outsourcing production to the extent that China is in the dollar area. In fact, in the aeronautics

market, transactions are generally made in dollars, despite a rise in the Euro. Therefore,

Airbus, whose costs, primarily in Euros, and income, mainly in dollars, not in the same

currency , is particularly exposed to fluctuations in the euro exchange rate / dollar. There is

therefore a real strategic choice: «to raise prices to maintain its margin, or compressing it until

a more favourable currency fluctuation.

3 EADS : European aeronautic, Defense and Space 4

To avoid margin compression and be subject only to a volatile exchange rates, Airbus must

rebalance its costs to the dollar thus produce in the dollar zone, China is de facto an excellent



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