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I especially want of you speak my last visits and discoveries. To finish on what concerns the destinations, I went in the Banff National Park.[pic 45]

Banff National Park is situated in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, in 120 km on the West of the city of Calgary, in the province of the Alberta. Its date of creation, on 1885, in fact the oldest Canadian national park. 2 on the UNESCO world heritage with the other parks of the Canadian Rocky Mountains are also registered since 1985 (for the centenarian of its creation).

I was first of all to see the Lake Louise who simply subjugated me. One young anecdote, mountains around the lake is adapted to the practice of the Alpine skiing and the World cup of Alpine skiing stopped there.

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I have also make of numerous hikes around the national park Chatter. It is an exceptional place to make the observation of a plentiful fauna: caribous, wapitis, grizzly bear, mouflons, moose, etc.

But especially, one of the things which will mark me certainly for life, it is this where I slept, to Chatter. VJasper is a town of 5000 inhabitants nested well at the heart of the national park of Jasper. It is the main center of service of the park. There is full of hotels of restaurants, of grocer's shops, stores.. And the thing which most marked me, it is that numerous wapitis have a walk right in the heart of the city.[pic 50]

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You will have understood him, this journey profoundly marked me and upset positively. I discovered thanks to this one the simplicity which the man could have. The wonderful flora and fauna which the world offers us.[pic 52]

Thanks to this journey I was able to discover new cultures, new traditions, personalities who will for ever remain to engrave in my memory. I was able to see as well as of numerous tourists as me like visiting the national park of Banff. But what these numerous visits pause problem of the point of seen environmental. And, it is there that we were kind enough to explain me that in the middle of 1990s Parks Canada, the body administrator of the Canadian national parks, reacted to this worrisome situation by throwing A study over two years which allowed, eventually, to set goals of sustainable management of the park, and to set up new politics of conservation of the ecosystems.

I confided thanks to this environmental journey, a sensibility which I did not have previously.[pic 53]

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I would thus like to tell one thank you to my parents, who helped me to finance this journey. But also to the people who helped me over there in West Canada. And I know that at the moment, I shall worry more associations which help to improve the environment.

And thanks to everything those who follow my blog, see you again!

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