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Phenomenal Service

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Consider problems such as those described in The Unappreciated Service Representative. In that scenario, we met Pete and learned about his manager, Beth. Beth had done a good job creating a high-performing team skilled at delivering phenomenal service. However, her team lost its motivation and its ability to perform well. Have you encountered problems such as these in your own workplace? How have you handled them?

Maintaining a service culture is a challenging step. In my current job, I noticed that people lose their enthusiasm and motivation in providing excellent service due to the lack of recognition and rewards.

When leaders forget to encourage and motivate members to carry on, colleagues may become tired, bored or frustrated with a particular task or goal and they are often tempted to give up. An effective leader must take the time to recognize and reward people for what they've done.

Facing that challenge not only in my departments but in the entire organization, I have decided to join the Recognition team.

Our Recognition team usually organizes monthly celebrations to award colleagues in various departments who have been nominated by guests or other colleagues for exceeding expectations or going that extra mile.

We also make sure to identify a star and a leader of the month. This award is usually given a with a very nice certificate and a plaque in front of the entire group of colleagues including the management team, photos are taken and his framed picture is prominently displayed at the hotel reception near the main entrance where everybody can see it.

We also make sure that Recognition comes in many forms; it may be given to individuals or to groups. It may be as simple as a word of encouragement: "You did a great job, thanks." Whatever the method, give credit and praise when and where it is due. I firmly believe that we go above and beyond when it comes to recognizing colleagues and consistently showing appreciation for each other.

By keeping this promise, we are confident that meaningful recognition will continue to energize, engage and retain our Colleagues.

Celebrating success with specific, meaningful and timely recognition.

When Colleagues feel their contributions are valued and appreciated, they are motivated to go the extra mile for our Guests and Colleagues again and again. Our Recognition program offers many recognition tools and we ensure Leaders are trained to effectively use these tools.

And do not forget to reward yourself. Celebrate once a goal or milestone has been reached. Recognition can be so powerful!


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