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All the segments are deserved, but by different software company. The goal is to harmonize the use of software in engineering office between the different services.

The product is viable because is now essential for the engineers and it’s really made profits because when the research and development is payed there is just the commercial investment (no physical product).

The product is very accessible they just need to upload it on our web site. And for the start using we propose formation and technical support.

The previous marketing methods works pretty well, in fact we see that the sold grows every years and the notoriety too. For this we used specialised magazines, web site and the biggest part is direct marketing with the team of 3 sealers who visit engineering office.

The target segment is precise so we better used just those media and marketing way. Our marketing message is clear in offers a technical and precise product in a collaborated way of work. The BIM is a revolution so every engineers know this now.

We always keep the same look for our advertise ( base on the Spain model). We don’t really have a seasonal sales except when there is a new important norm or technical evolution . We know that for the formations there is more demand at the end of the year.

I don’t have information about the cost of sales campaigns

The market environment of my company:

Micro environment:

Consumers: Building engineers, architects, Economist of construction. Want technic and precise product. No mistake.

Competitors: Made the same type of product but they step by step they made monthly subscription. (rent the software) And dif with just one payment (really buy the software not just rent it).

Employees: Small team in France (just 4 employees in the office + 2 sealers at home office). Not a lot of communication. For the motivation

Media: We don’t use media to communicate on the brand except some articles in specialize magazines. We use a direct marketing, the commercial team call and visit the offices.

Shareholders: No information about it

Suppliers: The softwires are made in Spain. By CYPE Spain they have their own computer programmers.

Macro environment:

Sociological factors : Education level ( for engineers). Building habits ( the respect of the law/ regulation). Know if they prefer to build new building or to make renovations

Technological factors : Technological innovation, graphics/computing capabilities of computers,

Economic : The building market ( if people buy or build), raw material price, purchasing power

Political Factors : Evolution of country building obligations, for new or existent.

The Questionnaire

This year we propose a new software for the electricity engineering. For this I have search all the Electrical Engineering Department in IDF and north of France. So I made a questionnaire to know better the attempts of the electrical engineers and prepare the best as possible the first marketing operation for this software. After my research I see that they don’t like to answer question by email, they answer easily by telephone.

More than this we made this questionnaire for a special public so we need to stay focus on our target. That’s why this following questionnaire will be administrated by phone.

1)Your company size:

only one answer possible.

1 pax

2 to 5 pax

5 to 10 pax

10 to 20 pax

20 to 50 pax

50 to 100pax

+ 100 pax

2)Activity of your company in relation to electrical installations BT:

several answers possible.

Electric Installateur (CFO/CFA)


other :

3) Sector activity studies electric BT

several possible answers.




4)For the study, the computing and the production of diagrams, do you use any software provided by industry?

One possible answer.



no one


5)Study, computing and the production of diagrams, do you use industrial?

One possible answer.





No one:

6)What is the annual maintenance cost estimated by software?

Several possible answers.

- 500€

of 500 to 1000€

1000 to 2000€

or more,

7)How many licenses do you have?

One possible answer.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 + 10

8)What would be the main criterion to get you to change software for calculation, the production of diagrams and installation of electrical installations?

One possible answer.



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