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These topics includes how:

-To open and close a presentation.

-To organize thoughts and get started.

-To present an argument, express an opinion, and persuade others.

-To use the voice effectively.

-To use grammar to support an argument and what to do when you understand each word and still don't understand.

- Presentation skills:

This program is designed to improve our skills to:

-Structure and organise a presentation in the planning stage.

-Start and finish a presentation in an appropriate style.

-Speak on a topic you know well to a large audience, using words and phrases in your presentation that they expect to hear.

-Describe a diagram or graph as part of your presentation.

- Workshops:

This program is designed to improve and refresh our reading skills in:


-Main idea.

-Facts and details.




-Critical thinking.

- Writing skills:

This course helped us to develop our skills in writing by:

-Organising a formal report using appropriate words and phrases.

-Writing a formal report using appropriate style and language.

-Going through a process of drafting a formal report.

-Using peer correction as a way of improving your own writing.


1. Choice of the Project:

The Research Project we were asked to do was a research about a British company. I mean that we had to choose the company we want to talk about, then to do a research (using all kind of sources) that we will represent orally in British council in front of a jury.

We chose the group with whom we will work, and we start the project, first of all we decided to do the research about British airways and tourism in Morocco.

Now I will let you discover my Research:

-The research aims to analyse some facts about British Airways, one of the world’s most profitable and successful airlines. It focuses mainly on identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this company.

There are four reasons behind the choice of BA.first, morocco’s interest in tourism as one of the most vital sectors that can ensure investment for the other sectors. Secondly, the rank the company occupies in Morocco because BA was the first international airlines to fly to Marrakech. Thirdly, the reputation that BA has security and comfort which BA provide in flights. The fourth reason is the history of British aviation in Morocco that goes back to 1970’s.

The process of writing this report has gone through different steps. First, the team had to focus on the main points of the report, and then the information was collected from internet, British council, and BA’s travel agency. After that, there was a selection of the relevant material.

The team discussed, agreed on the most important issues. Each was assigned to write a draft. The team met again and put ideas together. The first draft was given to the supervisor (teacher) to correct. Many comments were mentioned and taken into account. Then a second draft was written. It was based on the recommendations of the supervisor who corrected it again. At last the final draft was edited.



Security: considered strength because BA has a core competence involving its use of innovative technology to ensure security measures. For instance, the company spends over one hundred million £ on screening of flying crew, ground staff and screening of passengers. In addition to the reinforced cash pit doors with the cockpit doors locked on all the flight.

Cheap fares and availability: BA is a powerful brand. It has a reputation of cheap fares and availability because it provides low fare flights to five important cities in Morocco: Fez, Marrakech, Casablanca, Tangier, and Agadir. This is considered an important strength because it provides passengers with the possibility of one way or round trip according to their budget convenience.

Competent staff: BA has a focused strategy on collective long term objectives because the company invests time and money in training people so it employs over 49,000 highly-skilled employees.

Modern high-tech aircraft: BA has the reputation of providing good perks. BA is also trying to cope up with the modern technology in aircraft by providing the most modern aeroplanes. The passengers are comfortable because the aircraft are equipped with high-tech devices such as TV channels, the laptop power point, and the telephone. Moreover, the passengers can enjoy a complimentary three course meal and drinks throughout the flight.

Efficiency: BA is practical and time saving because today it is possible for passengers to buy their tickets via internet. They can also choose their seats before the flight and take advantage of the online check on So BA offers more services to satisfy their customers. Not only that but the four previous reasons make a reputation which guarantees efficiency and providing good services as well.


Restricted destinations: This is a significant weakness because British Airways does not cover the largest areas in Morocco as a result it may not have the same flexibility of other competitors in Morocco.

Internet schedules: This is a significant weakness because not all flight timetables to Morocco are available on as a result there is a risk, the customer will go to other organisations that provide more information


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