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How does Timberland create products that show their responsibility to the planet?

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are related to environment, and helping persons and countries in difficulty. But their goal is also to be able then, to use helped people’s production, then they can continue to produce considering the environment, be also to make people who product material grow their income up.

4. In what way does Timberland support these activities?

Timberland support these activities by offering 40 paid hours each year to their employees to do what they would like to do. As they have a lot of paid-day to use, they are definitely able to use some of them doing community services and supporting the brand’s they are working in values. The brand has been connecting to our employees, but also our consumers and all their communities through volunteering for the past 25 years. In fact, they also encourage their consumers to roll up their sleeves and use to find opportunities in their communities that they are passionate about to act in a community service. As they want to impact the society, Timberland try to make a real relationship between consumers and employees by doing team work and create a good atmosphere.

5. In your opinion, why does Timberland support CSR? What benefits do they derive from being good corporate citizens?

In my opinion, timberland support the corporate social responsibility by having a lot of goals concerning their production, which is appreciated by consumer who actually knows what are the main values fo the brand. As we said earlier, last year, Timberland set a new goal to have 100 percent of apparel cotton come from organic, US-origin or Better Cotton Initiative-certified sources by 2020, this way, all consumer knows more or less where products they might buy came from, and with which materials they have been done. To improve their engagement to reach this goal, the company is even help cotton plantation in Haiti, to be able to exploit it and also to contribute to Haiti’s economic development. This type of action from the company is definitely related to their reputation: as they are helping other countries to maintain their plantation, and as they are most of the time producing with natural material, their products have the reputation to have a remarkable quality and to be respectful to the environment. Also, in 2016, 84 percent of Timberland’s footwear included at least one material containing recycled, organic or renewable (ROR) content, which is also relating with the brand’s reputation. These example all show how Timberland is engaged in long-lasting development. But Timberland also participating directly to share their main values. In fact, the company organize a lot of even avant community services to share their values and to have an impact on consumer and employees. As they are encouraging employees and consumer to participate to community services, they are building a real relationship between people in order to make their own community. They encourage anyone to use their free time to make the world become a better place, even consumers. The company have also been planting 10 millions trees, even giving paid time off to employees then they can use some days to do community services. Most of Timberland’s product are made from recyclable material and I think the main goal of supporting CSR is to build and maintain a good reputation about Timberland making good products with a good quality, recyclable and natural materials, to create a real relationship in the member of the brand community (consumers and employees) and develop in that way a consumer loyalty. But I also think that one of their goal is to have an impact about environment first by advertising to share their values, and then, to make denouncing video relate to their brand to promote the company.

To conclude, participate and support CSR create a real community and a consumer loyalty. The brand has a good reputation due to their environmental values, and consumers are confortable buying their products. Sponsors are also very attracted by this brand as they know how good their reputation is. They don’t have any problem finding employees because of their perfect communication, their 40 hour paid. To finish, having Green Index rating on their production reassure consumers buying Timberland’s products. Then, as much as they’ll make benefits due to their built community, they will be more and more able to make their products in an even more responsable way concerning environment, and earn a better reputation which will never stop growing until they make


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