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The battle of England

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I choose the source 2 to show the aim of the German army which is to annihilate the enemy country , the Germans drop the bombs everywhere in the city randomly they don't care about where it will fall and if civils can be the target of the bombs. The Germans planes were dropping bombs continually, everyday peoples found some places destroyed, their house demolished or street that doesn't exist anymore.

To continue I choose the source A, it denounce a new thing in the war that anyone did not ever seen before, it's the fact that the civil population is directly attacked by the enemy and not the soldiers. The English government had to protect the civils and the only way to do it against a perpetual air attack from Germans was the underground which one couldn't be the target from any German planes. It shows how hard it was to be confined during this long time, you had nothing to do, just pray about you house and hope that this one is still up.

The battle of England is a really important part of the annihilation war, this battle is revealing how infamous were the attacks from the differents ennemy and in this case : the germans. The fact that the population is directly locked by the germans planes is something that had never be seen before. It show how the victory was important, more than the respect of the humans conditions and that's why the battle of England is a big part of the annihilation war.


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