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English Play

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Scene 2:

Narrator: In fact, we had not been to Australia until 1770. It was on April 19... William : Wasn’t it on April 20, my captain? Narrator : Well, I wrote it was on April 19.

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William: But you forgot to count the 20 hours lag, my captain. Narrator : DAMNED! JUST WHO’S TELLING THE STORY? Anyway, we arrived there on board of HMB Endeavour, sometime in 1770 and decided to explore the new land. It was later that we met the Aborigins, the oldest alive human civilization in the world. James: Can you see something over there? William: Yes, there’s a pretty big island near us in the South-East direction. James: Can you see life on the island like plants or animals... maybe people? William: No, we’re not close enough yet. Shall we go there? James: There’s no doubt about that. (Now in the island) William : Are we the first people arriving here? James : As I far as I know, yes, we are. There might be dangerous animals here, tell the crew to be very careful. William : Wow! We have to tell this to king George! He is going to be so proud of us, and he may give us a very big reward. James: Yes, this might be the theorized Terra Australis ... Let the crew rest here, William, we’ll explore later. (End of Scene 2)

Aborigin scene:

Narrator: We talk to the Aborigins, who were very friendly and brang us some food. Eduviges : Ifdjandagu burru ngonga Tiridaten’gullai. Narrator: Oh, right, you don’t understand aborigin either. Don’t worry, have also translated the aborigin text. Go learn some more languages, you monoglot.

Eduviges : Tiridates, come here immediately and bring the muntries. Tiridates: I’m coming. Should I call Noonga? Eduviges: No, there’s no need. We will go with him later to collect some seeds. Tiridates : Okay, so let's continue our morning path.

Eduviges : STOP! Tiridates: What happens?! Do not scare me like that, Eduviges! Eduviges: Look right there! There’s something floating just there! In the water! Tiridates: Oh! Those were the things my grandpa told me about! He said some men were in them! Eduviges: Men in those big things? Maybe they’re foreigners. We should go greet them! Tiridates: You’re right, we’ll bring the muntries. Narrator: Back to England, we told King George that Australia was a prosperous land with friendly people, but he didn’t care about the people, so he considered it a Terra Nullis and decided that it would be the perfect place to send the British prisoners.

Prisoner scene: Narrator : A few years later, on the Charlotte ... As you may not understand English, we... Oh wait... Never mind. Alice : Don’t worry, darling. They told us that we will finally arrive to the beautiful island tomorrow.

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Adeline : I can’t stand it anymore, mom! How long has it been? More than two hundred days for sure... George : Two hundred and fifty one, sweetie. Alice: (surprised) And who might you be, sir?

George : George Backus, convicted for stealing some bread. Adeline : I don’t get it! You steal some bread and they put you in jail, but they give you bread for free. It’s nonsense! Alice : It’s hard bread, dear. This is not a good live we’re living, and you know it. Adeline: The government spends more money in convicting us than in actually


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