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Why it is important to have friends ?

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Sincerely some friendships need to be lighthearted as some love stories that do not need to be serious and headlock, but are just fun and distracting.

Into the personal life, people can have a very close relation with others, so close that it can be considered family. The oldest friends have a very important part in life, and are sometimes considered as the same bonds of love. However it is also possible that people from the same family can have diverging opinions about life and they split. In these cases people will find other people to create a close relation with like a family would, but it will not be with a member of their family. It is totally possible to build a strong friendship which can replace a fraternity. Family and friends have the same risks, you can be disappointed by both of them and have the desire to leave them to find someone else. Through my own experiences, I used to spend more time with my friends rather than with my family and sometimes I forgive my sister less than I do my friends. I know family will be always present for me but sometimes I think they make less efforts to be part of my life than my friends. But, for me the relations I have between family and friends is a perfect mix to have a good balance in my personal life. What about the professional life ? Is it possible to find real friends in this environment ?

I met many good friends at work, but it was a student job and the degree of importance was not the same like the work after college when your real adult life begins. The future is for the responsibilities. Having friends at work could be dangerous but also can be helpful because it can allow people to have support and an ally into professional activity. However, this situation can also be hard to manage because you never know about people when the money comes into play, we can quickly be betrayed. It all depends on the professional sector, because position with responsibility can be quickly envied. I have no idea what my life at work will be like, I am afraid to develop friendships with people who will not be honest with me, I am very sociable and I need to be surrounded. Actually, I do not know what or where my future will be, the work relations are not the same in every country, so I need to be notified, stronger and learn to not trust every one. I have to enforce and find a balance between my different relations at work and in my personal life. I realized, thanks to volleyball, that I have learned how to be mentally strong to keep my position in the team but also be suspicious with my different teammates. The relations with the girls during practices and after practices are totally different and I will find the same in my future professional life.

To conclude, having friends is not an easy thing because each relation is different and complicated. Protecting friendships is very important to keep a balance through the personal but also the professional life. I will never change my relations with any friends because I love them and I am very lucky to have them on my side. Whatever the distance between us or the new relations I could create abroad I know they will never let me down and I already imagine our future together.


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