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Spaces & Exchanges: What drives people to leave their country to go and live in another country ?

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On the other hand, the them of travel is very vast because we know that even if the current meaning of this notion is to leave and to goin an another country but there are a lot of different aspect like spiritual aspect but it’s stil corresponds to a leavinf of somewhere, even if it’s spiritual. To support this idea I will take a song, « Boulevard of broken » dreams by green day, realized in 2004. This song is in the travel theme but it's a spiritual travel and it fit in my notion because the main character is feeling alone. I think that this song is about a person who wants to find a place, a place where he can feel happy now. So, he travels across streets and boulevards to find this happy place. The title, « boulevard of broken dreams » means that the american dream is a wrong idea and contrary to what people think, the « american dream » can turn to « broken dreams », nothing is promised. And even if you think that everything is possible, everything can change and let you down. The character been on this road for a long time so he is now bored because again and again, he doesn't find what he is looking for. We can listen in the chorus « sometimes I wish someone out there will find me. » I think he wanted to say that even if he feel alone, he wants to travel in the streets to find someone who can loving him for what he really is and help him to stop searching himself.

I think that this song fit into the theme because the character wants to find himself so deeply that he has to go away and walk so far and wide.


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