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The 10 most shameless product placements in movie history

The filmmaker Steven Spielberg released his movie E.T in 1982. The product placement in this movie is about a boy who throws reese’s pieces on the floor to attract E.T. Thanks to the little creature who have been plastered on on the candy's packaging, people want to buy reeses's candy.


In superman there is a lot of brands.


In the movie Super Cash me, a woman named Diana offers herself all she want and all she need but, there is a problem, the identify she uses to finance her folies is not hers. So, we see her buying. When she went out shops, she was holding a lot of bags where we saw brands.


Scent marketing is a type of marketing that appeals the senses in relation to the brand. It's a technic thanks to which customers relate an emotional level. A brand can make emotional associations in the mind of customer. It's a marketing technic that seduces the consumer by using senses to influence his feelings and behaviour. Firms that contract with scent compagnies hope this new marketing amplifies consumer spending and attract more customers. But, people associate different smells with different memories so scent marketing is an imprecise science.

There are 4 types of scent marketing :

→ The aroma billboard smell : it's a bold (osé) scent statement. For example in a pie in the oven (tarte au four)

→ The thematic smell : it's a scent that enhance (améliore) the mood.

→ The ambient smell : it's a scent that fill (comble) a bad odor by a good oder.

→ The signature smell : it's a individual scent developped and used by one compagny like Bloomingdale's, Omni Hotels or Jimmy Choo Shoes.

It also exists an other smellvertisement called scent andrea. It's an innovative marketing.


Mega Monday named by Ellen Davis is a term of marketing in USA to identify the Monday which follow the Black Friday.

To start, what is the Black Friday?

It's the day just after thanksgeving. It starts the kick off (coup d'envoi) of the purchases time at the year's end. Many storepeekers take advantage of the moment to offer sales. Because of people in the streets during that time, we called it black friday.

So, Mego Monday took place for the first time on November 28th 2005. He was created to persuade people to shop online.

Cyber Monday has become an international marketing term. It's an online version of the Black Friday : created to allow customers to shop online from their homes. During the Black friday, many people travel because of the thanksgiving week end. They usually want to visit their families so they don't have much time to do shopping, they miss Black Friday it's why Cyber Monday was created : it's a way to encourage customers


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