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Le cercle des poètes disparus, 1989, Peter Weir

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The Welton's director named M. Nolan played by Norman Lloyd. He is important because he shows us the severity of the institution. He calls into question the way to educate of M.Keating. To him, Keating's methods are not adapted to the education in this academy. He's very stiff because when he learns that the dead poets society exists, the punishment of the students is very violent. 6min30

Message + Themes:


In Dead Poets Society, there are many messages:

First, "Carpe Diem" which means "seize the day". People don't realise that the time is so precious. A lot of people have the chance to have family and friends but they don't seize this chance. Like Keating says "everyone of us is this room is one day to stop breathing, turn cold and die", we have just one life.

In the movie, there is a second message: the education is not just for understanding concepts for tests but also understanding the real world. In fact, the education is like as a way to enlighten children about the realities of life: they learn about life, themselves and reality. It's the education which define the visioK on the world. In addition to showing this type of teaching style, the movie shows how impactful to have a good teacher because a teacher can changed the life of students, like Keating. Mister Keating changes the life of their students by learning them a different view of life. Therefore, the education can make a difference in a child's life.

And the last message is: finding the purpose of your life and completing it. Neil wants to be a comedian but his father doesn't want. It's Mr. Keating who supports Neil and helps him for completing his goal. Neil gets a role in a play, he plays the part of Puck in a Midsummer Night's Dream. In the beginning, he wants renounce of this role because he's terrified that her father know this. It's through Keating who he's accepted this role because in the movie this professor learns to students to do what they love and be what they want to be. The student took this message to heart. When they parents know, they force him to give up on that dream, Neil can’t handle this. What he didn't know was that this dream kept him alive. No one can stop you from follow your dreams. Those are our choice. 8m50


-poesie peut ouvrir l'esprit etc


-société qui valorise les metiers comme medecin plutôt que comédien (comédien c acting)

-carpe diem a bien utilisé

-pas laisser tomber que ce soit par le stress (parents de neil qui le stresse)


We chose Dead Poets Society because it is one of our favorite movie. It's a remarquable movie which learn a lot of things about life. Also, we love the cast of this movie, actors are fabulous and they are all different and mainly Robin Williams. He's a very good actor, very charismatic and incredible man. We want a professor like Mr. Keating, he's so fabulous and he allows of people to have a different view on the world, his way of thinging is so amazing. The best of this character, it's his passion for poetry that we admire.

We think that if the movie were more famous and realized in 2017, it would have a bigger impact on the world because the new technologies take over the world, few people seize the day. This movie is a life lesson, with a real morality in the end. Futhermore, we both read the book which is just as good and that we advise you.



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