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Learning Journal

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You will receive a result per entry, which will look like this:


Hand-in procedure

Task achievement



(0 points)


(1 point)

[pic 1]


(2 points)

[pic 2]

[pic 3]


(3 points)

Your final grade will be calculated as an average of all of the entries’ grades using the points’ system. So for example, if you have a majority of Merit grades, your final LJ grade will be Merit.

Hand-In Procedure for LJ’s

Ensure you do all of the following:

- Attach a completed Submission Form to the top of your entry – this form must include your name and also your Turinitin receipt number. This form is available on Moodle.

- Write the question / statement out in full at the top of the first page. Do not change the wording.

- Ensure that your name is given at the top right corner of each page of your work.

- Ensure that page numbers are given on every page of your work

- Do not staple your work together

- Submit everything in a plastic wallet (not loose)

- Print one-sided only

- Ensure all quotes, summaries and paraphrases are correctly referenced in the text of the entry using the conventions explained in the RHI Harvard Referencing Guide. In addition, make sure a List of References is provided at the end of the entry giving full bibliographical details of all texts cited in the body of the entry. The List of References must follow the conventions explained in the RHI Harvard Referencing Guide and be presented in alphabetical order.

- Information from Wikipedia and many commercial websites are not acceptable as evidence in your writing. If you have any doubts about what sources are viewed as non-academic, please check with your tutor.

- Before handing in a paper copy of your entry, you must submit your entry to Turnitin through Moodle. On successful submission to Turnitin, you will receive a receipt number which must be entered on the Submission Form when you hand your paper copy to the ISC office.

- Word process your work in Arial or Times Roman in size 11 or 12 font and use


- Make clear where paragraphs begin and end by leaving a clear space between paragraphs.

- Provide a word count at the end of the entry.

- The deadline for assessed work is 12pm on the stated day. Anything submitted after 12 is therefore considered late and will be penalised as such.


International Foundation Year


SUBMISSION FORM – Learning Journal

Learning Journal question:


(only used for Learning Journal submissions)

ESUS Class

TurnItIn Receipt number:

This form must be completed in full and attached to the front of your assignment.

TO NOTE: 1. The deadline for all assessed work to be submitted is 12.00pm on the specified date. Work handed in after 12.00pm on the day of submission will be regarded as being late.

- All assessed work must be submitted electronically through Turnitin on Moodle and a hard copy submitted to the ISC post box.


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