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Adress Unknow livre de Kressman Taylor

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The letter correspondants to Martin's about face, it'sa real turning point in their relationship.

Max is of course taken aback and puzzled at his friend's writing. He cannot believe that his true friends should speak about the massacres of jews as an « incident » and still hoper that his friends writes out of the fear of consorship .

He is asking once more to be reassured with a « yes » → yes, you're still my friend

Letter 8 → Letter 9 →


August 13th, 1933 Sept. 5th, 1933

Max was expecting a Yes « I'm writing under pressure » but he get a No at the beginning of the next letter. It means that Martin totally agrees with Hitler Ger. Including its slaught of the Jewish population. He feels that in his country « a does has risen » and it even gives a meaning to his life l.33 « I am a man because I act » He despies liberals who complain but not act, he feels scon for his friend , the liberal. He also glorifies and personifies his country l.40-41.

In Max's answer we can percive his sadness concern and disappointement because he feels betrayed. He explains has been force Schule's name from the letterhead beacause Ger. Is now linkend to atrocities to the Jewish pop. And most of their clients are jews.

However, Max still feels confident for he ask Martin to watcch over Griselle who was gone in Berlin.

Letter 10 → Letter 11 →


Nov. 5th,1933 Nov. 23rd ,1933

Max write 3 letters ib a row only beacause he feels nervous about Griselle's silence. He is getting extremely worried and desperately asks for help. An enveloppewith « adress unknwon » has been sent back to him and no news ever since . He just knows that she managed to escape from a crowd of people who knpw she was a jewess . She was rescued but she disappeared .

If Max writes « in despair » it's for Griselle only and he uses their post love relationship to try to convince him. l.27

Letter 12 → Letter 13 →


Dec. 8Th,1933 Jan. 2nd,1934

Martin's letter to max to anounce the death of Griselle is the climax of that novella, we learn that Martin has refused to help Grisl. Even thought she was pursued by storm troopers so she was killed. The way Martin tekks about her death is terrible to read. We understand he was instrulental in her killing and yet he says « I grieve with you »l.30. Max's reaction with the telegram is at first mysterious. It is meant to be taken as a secret code to be read by the censorship or thought police. From them on Max will set up a trap to have his ex-friend killed. He will allude to their buisness and their family meetings. The letter is signend Einstein to hightlight his jewish origin.

The book ending by ADRESS UNKNOWN


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