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Scouts also guarded telephone and telegraph lines, water reservoirs that might be militarily important. Some Scouts were trained in fire fighting. The Scout movement's handbook, , instructed all Scouts to 'be prepared…to die for their country if need be'. They packaged up clothing to send to British soldiers at the front, and provided assistance at hospitals, government offices and munitions factories.

During the Second World War Scouts acted as coast guards and couriers. The Boy Scouts collected 318,000 tons of paper to assist with the war effort. In addition, they gathered 10.5 million tons of scrap metal. The paper was used by the United States government to package arms and equipment traveling overseas, and metals were recycled in answer to the demand for metal-based military supplies.

The boys scouts and girls guides helped their country.

B) Now, what is it ?

Now, there are 38 millions of scouts all around the world, in 217 different country. The united kingdom count 1 million of member. The scout movement is not the same that Baden Powell's movement but it instill in teenagers the same values. As a consequence the movement is extend in the word. This movement would like to instill the solidarity, the respect of the differences, the education in the peace and the protection of environment. The scout movement has for goal to developed their skills and realized projects. For example, the boy scout and girl guide helped in Haiti, after the earthquake. It was an horrible disaster and they helped people in difficulties so they collect rubbles, extract corpse , …

The scout movement is in partnership with United Nations organization, Thy help them in their campaign . The scout movement is a voluntary association, which does not depend of the State and which internationally involved. The movement allows to inculcate values marked for life in order to a better live with the others. It struggle for the peace, a better world, humans rights, … The scout movement train citizens of tomorrow.

The religion is present in some movement but not in all the movement. There are different religions, that depend of the country.

Scouts do some big meeting. In France, this meeting take place every 4 years. The last year, a big meeting take place in Japan. It gathers scouts of all the country but he has already taken place in United kingdom or in United States.

Finally, we can see the impacts of the scout movement with a simple thing, everybody knows the movement or have ever heard it.

Conclusion: Baden Powell, in one century, have created a international movement known all around the world. He wanted to teach to the teenagers simple values and this is why the movement is extending in the world and not just in England.


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