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Gap year

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Wednesday 6 February 2018 6h56 AM

Bankok- rio de janeiro(brazil)

we are gone for a new continent America,where we are landed in Rio de Janeiro. we stayed 20 days we stayed in a hostel where there were a lot of french people.

we are mostly going to Brazil to go and see the carnival of Rio de Janeiro. so we have visited the corcovado and copacabana beach. we went to see the population in the favelas.

Thursday 26 February 2018 4h17 PM

Rio de Janeiro- India

welcome to india !!!we stayed 1 month and a half. Before we left we booked on the couchsurfing website. this site is great because we were welcomed by host it's free so it saves us money. in exchange we had to help the family, go shopping.

on March 5 and 6, 2018 the family brought us to see the very famous festival the festival of colors. This name is HOLI FESTIVAL ! good experience. we visited the temples and we bathed in the gang sacred water we saw the taj mahal is very beautifull

go hop is back for another country !!

Friday 15 April 2019

New-Delhi – Californie

finally the USA

we spent 2 months on the west coast of usa. we stayed in a cheap hotel. we went to the music festival coachella, where we saw plenty of celebrities !!

we visited las vegas where we stayed 1 month or we dzns work at a fast food to get some money

and the other month we went to los angeles to meet our childhood friend and then we work the week in a fast food

we went to venice beach and santa monica, we went to see monument valley and grand canyon it was wonderful and great landscapes. we spent 2 wonderful months or knew we could improve our English.

Saturday 16 June 2019 9h17 AM

Los angeles – Toronto

once arrived at destination in toronto we stayed 1 month. we stayed in a hotel and rented a car to get around. we visited canada with all its major cities. we went to see the gigantic Niagara Falls.

Sunday 18 July 2019 5h35 PM

Vancouver- Oslo

we stayed 20 days in norway there it was winter so it was particularly cold, we had to buy warm coats. we are not staying in the capital we left in a typical village to sleep in the home.

we saw the aurora borealis, it is a divine spectacle, I could not believe my eyes !

I would highly recommend.

I am still waiting to return to see my friends my family. I had a little cockroach but I was not alone fortunately.

Departure for France Monday 5 August 2019 8H48 AM

with Emma we were very tired with the jet lag. but we were sad to get home.

we bought many souvenirs from each country for us our family and friends !!

back to Paris back rain ! bad bad bad ……

I spent a mad experience with Emma we discovered new cultures of new friends and we matured.

I strongly advise you to go to the discovery of the world alone or accompanied

we had no complications during the trips. a board book you your accommodation in advanced as well as


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