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Invictus games

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Ladies and gentlemen, dear athletes, service men and women, veterans and their families, my friends

Welcome !

I have the honor to annouce you the opening of the 2021 Invictus Games !

In this special event, no matter where you are from across the world, we are here to celebrate sport’s values, and mostly the taste of effort. In fact, the goal of the Invictus Games is to provide an opportunity for athletes with a physical disability to surpass themselves and achieve athletic performance comparable to that of olympic athletes.

Joining the Invictus Games family can help you to aim towards, a goal and a purpose. It gives you  a reason to get out of bed every morning and train, and an opportunity to represent your country. So a feeling of pride taking part in a community and an occasion to show your abilities

Moreover, it is not only about competitions and winning but about team spirit and support

i hope i can give to each disabled people here, some motivation and recognition in your own abilities and boost your self confidence. I promise it makes you more confident in your skills even if you are disabled.

i am pretty sure that everybody here is very motivated to win this competition and share this day with his friends and family.

No matter where you from or what is your disability, you can contribuite to this competition and take part in a huge family, the Invictus Games family, so take your chance because if you want, you can. You must overcome adversity.

All the values conveyed by this event make me feel so proud to be here today and remember,

If you want to do something you can do it, and I have full confidence that you can, all of you.

I wanna thank you, all the volunteers without whom this beautiful journey would not be possible.

Thank you for listening and let the competition begin !!!


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