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HELMER. (calmly) I understand you Nora. You know, when you left, I was thinking a lot and thanks to you, I learn a very important lesson.

NORA. (intruigued) Which is?

HELMER. Injustice is everywhere. I was unjust towards you Nora. I have always seen your potential; after all, you were such a bright woman. I, however, kept talking to you as I talked to our children. In a way, it was a mean of keeping me in a superior position, this I reckon. However, I didn’t even thank you for saving my life and breaking the law for me. It is the nicest thing someone has ever done for me. I never had the chance to show you how grateful I was. I know that society would have approved my behavior towards you. I tried to be the perfect strong man. Before you left, I thought that I had everything, that I was at the height of my happiness, but I was missing something. I was missing a wife. I was missing someone to share my good and bad times with, someone who could advise and help me. I only had a doll at that time. You were right all along.

NORA. It is too late now, Torvald. Anyways, I am happy having taught you something.

Suddenly, Nora’s jaw drops. Her eyes water.

HELMER. I am sorry Nora. I am sorry for everything. I am sorry for making you cry. Apparently the only thing I can do to you is upset you. I am so sorry.

NORA. No. Don’t be. Just tell me one thing. Are the kids there… (She points at the trees)

HELMER. Yes. These are our children Nora. Don’t worry about them. They are fine. I will not lie and convince you that they do not miss their mother, but, they manage to cope with the situation.

NORA. (emotionally) They have grown so much, I barely recognize them. I would give everything in the world to have them in my arms again!

HELMER. (thinking) Nora. My dear Nora. I invite you to spend Christmas with us. I already invited Krogstad and your dear friend Mrs. Linde. Oh Nora, so many things have changed since you ran away. Mrs. Linde is now Miss Krogstad and Nils, became a close friend of mine. Indeed, I was unjust towards him too. Oh Nora, just as you, I had to put my life in order after you left. Anyways, do you accept my proposition?

NORA. Remains silent, a sad expression on her face.

HELMER. (humbly) I understand. Well, Nora, it was nice seeing you again. I’m glad I had the chance to say what I have wanted to say to you for the past year. As I promised, you will never hear anything from me again. (Gets up and leaves) Good bye, Nora. I’ll go and find the children. We have to go.

NORA. (whipping her tears from her face, smiling)


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