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- Plan

- Introduction (1 sentance)

- Trouver 2 parties (ex : partie YES & partie NO)

- Conclusion (avis personnel)

- Utiliser des mots de liaison (indeed, in fact, instead of, moreover, besides, firstly, because, to finish, finally, in conclusion) & des mots exprimant l’opinion (in my opinion, for me, for my part, to my mind, personnally)

Do you think employers should look at your web profile before hiring you ?

Today, web is one of the most important tool to hunt a job. In fact, if a web profile can be a real help for a candidate in job hunting, this can also be a problem in the event of a recruiter check your social media.

It’s essential to control your web profile because it can be an extended resume. Instead of saying anything and everything, you have to be careful about what you write or post on your profile. So you have to display beneficial things, like your knowledge and interest on your job. Moreover, at some situation, checking a web profile can be legitimate and preferable for a company. For example, if a recruit works in sales, he becomes a representative of the firm according to costumers. Consequently, employers are allowed to ensure that the candidate is not being an embarrassment to the company.

However, a web profile isn’t supposed to be an online CV. Indeed, you can’t judge a person on what you see on his Facebook or Twitter profile, the contents represent the private life of a job hunter. What a candidate posts should not be used on if he should be hired or not. It is possible that the checking becomes a trap for an employer if a candidate has a false profile where he creates a virtual personnality of himself, so « what you see is what a person wants to show to you ». Finally a recruiter can be mistaken about a recruit.

In conclusion, an employer has the right to check your profile so keep everything you post clean and professionnal or go into your privacy setting to protect your profile. In my opinion, a recruiter can look at a web profile as long as it’s not to excess.


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