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A red scarf

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A week later, after dinner, we were watching TV in the living room as usual. Suddenly, my mother stared at me seriously, which would puzzle me a lot. I felt a little scared. Possibly, it did not mean that my parent had got my bad result score mark Unexpectedly, my mother, with a smile on her face, put forward a pretty gift case from the back and she handed it over to me. A little confused, but when I opened it, I found a red woven scarf in it, and I felt tears well up in my eyes and even I could not stop the tears from falling. Surprised, but I did not know what to say as well as face up to my mother. My mother just opened arms to hold me so tight without saying a word. Compared with the previous moment, I had never felt so warm and touched than before. Meanwhile, I found some mixed feelings in my heart and I had a lot of question: when my mother finished it? How she could do that? But I stopped thinking

just to feel so satisfied that I finally had a red scarf of my own, which is made by my dear mother. Although it was a little bit irregular between the threads. Nonetheless, it was still soft as well as warm. As a whole, this red scarf was all-right.

Looking back now, it was like a dream to the younger me at that time, floating through my mind in slow motion. Children would be content with little. They are always easily satisfied by little thing. Suddenly it dawned on me that the day a long time ago, my neighborhood came to visit my family just for teaching my mother how to knit a scarf. From then on, my mother stayed up making this red scarf stealthily until this needlework was finished. And now I think I have found what the most important thing is- the concern and love from my mother. In the past, my mother had sacrificed her time of sleeping to knit a red scarf for me even though she pretended to act as usual only to satisfy my wish.

At present, I start my school life aboard, which has separated my family and me. When I packed my luggage, I still kept my precious red scarf in my luggage. It is of a

great importance because it shows the care love and the concern for me from my

mother. And it always reminds me of my mother. It also tells me that I am not lonely when I am alone. I really miss my mother now.


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