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the direction, anticipated magnitude and, if required, any altitude changes.

Pacific Operation:

The NOPAC Composite Route System (CRS) consists of five fixed tracks and nine transition routes from Alaska to the Asian and Pacific Rim nations. They extend from FL 180 and above. (les Routes au nord de locean pacific) les 2 en hauts sont pour les vols vers l’ouest et les 3 en bas pour les vols vers l’est

aircraft lateral separation within the NOPAC system is normally 25 nm lateral either side of center, based on Required Navigation Performance (RNP) 10 as well as 1000 ft vertically based on Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums (RVSM).

Non-RNP10 aircraft and aircraft operating below FL 280 are separated 50 nm either side of center. The standard longitudinal separation is 15 min.


the minimum required aircraft equipment for flight in RVSM airspace includes: two independent altitude measurement systems, one secondary surveillance radar transponder, one altitude alert system and one automatic altitude control system.

Dans une section en mètre, si on est autorisé à par exemple 10300 M si ca équivaut a 33000’ on devrait etre à +- 30 m de notre altitude.

Low Vis OPS:

RVR = - de 550m (ICAO), - de 1200 ’ (TC), - de 1200’ (FAA) et - de 400 m EASA

Piste à un degrés maximum de 0.8 degrés dans le premier quart et le dernier quart

sur le bord d’une piste, quand les lumieres au sol flash en rouge, ne pas traverser la ligne même si la tour nous demande de nous alligner.

The take-off alternate stated in the Flight Plan must be within a distance that can be flown at the one engine inoperative speed within the following times: two engine aircraft - 60 min from departure point; three or four engine aircraft (or two engine with ETOPS certification) - 120 min from departure point.


Conditions conducive to the formation of critical surface contamination are present when the Outside Air Temperature (OAT) is 10 °C or less with the presence of any of the following:

visible moisture (clouds, fog with visibility of 1 sm or less, rain, snow, sleet, or ice crystals); ice, snow, slush, or standing water on the ramps, taxiways, or runways.

A runway is considered contaminated whenever standing water, ice, snow, slush, frost in any form, heavy rubber, or other substances cover more than 25 % of the runway length and width intended for use

For a runway to be considered contaminated, the contaminant depth will exceed 1/8 in (3 mm).

Most manufacturers recommend that a take-off not be attempted when slush, wet snow, or standing water depth is more than 1/2 in (13 mm) or when dry snow depth is more than 4 in (102 mm).

A wet runway is one that is neither dry nor contaminated.

Where practicable, a rolling take-off is preferred when operating from a contaminated runway. Such a procedure will help minimise the ingestion of contaminants into the engines.

Only minimal (1/8 in or less) amounts of frost on the wing lower surface, adjacent to the fuel cell, between the forward and aft spars are acceptable, subject to regulatory guidance and company policy.

Holdover Time (HOT) guidelines indicate the approximate length of time a fluid will protect aircraft surfaces under icing conditions.

Holdover Times begin when the final application of the de-icing or anti-icing fluid to the representative surface commences. The Holdover Time is valid from that point until the earlier of the expiry of the HOT or when the fluid loses its effectiveness

Reduced fuel reserved:

Si point de décision est dans lespace aerien domestic, je peux avoir un CONT de 0%..donc si mon point de décision je dois avoir 18.0 tonnes de fuel, si je suis en haut je peux continuer, sinon je dois aller vers mon autre aéroport et son aéroport de dégagement.

Si mon point de décison est dans un espace international, je dois avoir un CONT de 5 %. Attention, a mon espace de fuel style de 18.0, je dois ajouter à ça mon 5 % (EX: cont : 1.1....Donc 18.0 + 1.1 = 19.1 à mon point de


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