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Adaptation de Pride and Prejudice

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I dislike the fact that the father, M. Bakshi, played by Anupam Kher is discreet and erased, because it’s a great actor which can be important in the story. (in Pride and Prejudice by Joe Wright for example, the father is an present and important character)

The movie is aesthetically perfect. But I noticed two things in camera work that disturb me: First, in the scene of the Mr.Collins’s arrival in the Bakshi’s family, before and during the meal, there is not enough close-ups in Lalita. Yet his feelings are important because she met the person with whom his mother wants to marry her, but I think she is too setting aside. The second things that bother me, it’s in the scene of the “garba” (Indian dance) wherein there could be more long-shot, because is a traditional and wonderful performance and i would like to have a general overview.

If I could change one thing in the film, it could be the scene of Darcy and Lalita in the beach with gospel choirs, surfers and lifeguard. It made me laugh more than anything else! It’s too much and very cliché, we don’t believe it one second.

To conclude, in spite of artificial suspense, Bride and Prejudice it’s a fascinating movie filled with happiness, emotions and twists. The comic is never too heavy: it shows that Indians are proud themselves and assert their differences. It’s really a cultural shock which transmit a message of prejudices that prevent people to learn the mutual understanding and how to love.


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