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Présentation de mon entreprise en Anglais

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Hi ! So my name is kilyan. I'm 19 years old.

I come from Rennes and I study in Saint-Nazaire.

I'm preparing a two year technological unviversity degree in Marketing Tachniques in sandwich class.

Now, I'm going to speak about my own experience in my telecom compagny which is Orange, located in Rennes.

First of all, Orange is a really big compagny which employs 150 000 people.

Orange was created in 1990 in England by 4 others compagny, then Orange has been bought back by France Telecom in 2000 for 39 billion.

It pincipale activity is to sell phones, phones contracts and internets contracts.

After five week of training. I'm now in charge of our relationships with customers on the phone, that's mean I'm the person who answer to the phone when customers are calling 3900, that's the after sales services of Orange .

I got two part in my work.

The first one is to be a seller. In fact, I have to sell internet packages, mobile phones plans and a lot other product and services like technical services.

On the open space, we are 87 sellers and my team is composed of ten of them.

At the beginning of every month, our manager give us individual and team sales goals. So, our sales bonus depens on it.

The second part of my job is to be an advisor.

Effectively, I have to help our clients in there Orange subsciption.

We have a lot of old people and people who don't have time to understand their contract. So, I think, 60 per cent of my calls are for an invoice axplanation, for a contrat explanation, for a simple question, to paie their invoice, to get time to paie it or for a technical problem, but in this case, I connect customers with an other service specialized in it.

Thank to this experience, I learned to listen people, which is really important in every day life.

I also gained phoning sales skills, which is in coordination with our negociation classe.

As I just said, I really appreciate that my work and my studies complement each other. That's mean I use my work skills in classe and what I'm learning in classe in my work.

I think that orange is a good compagny and I recommend it for student in sandwich classe beacause we are always followed by our trainers, our manager and our tutor.



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